World Parkinson's Day

Today, we are raising awareness of the huge efforts needed to address the burden of Parkinson’s disease and transform the lives of the millions of people living with Parkinson’s disease.

More than ever, people living with brain diseases need the commitment of the neuroscientific community to enable them to restore their brain health in the future. As the number of people living with brain diseases grows, the need to achieve new generations of breakthroughs has never been more urgent. 

Not only are we occupied with the approaches listed below, but we are furthermore exploring opportunities of early intervention working with theories about mitochondria biology (the energy-producing units in cells), cellular clearance pathways (the cells garbage system), by looking into game-changing biomarkers and integrating emerging digital technologies to unlock the mystery of Parkinson’s disease.

Despite the vast unmet needs within brain diseases, many companies have scaled back their investments in research and development or even abandoned the space entirely. However, our commitment to people living with Parkinson’s disease remains unchanged.

We will leverage our specialist knowledge of the brain to address this huge burden for people and societies all over the world.

#WorldParkinsonsDay #Parkinsons #Science #ProgressInMind

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