Lundbeck commences usage of artificial intelligence in drug discovery

Once again Lundbeck strengthens its research through a partnership. Together with the US based biotech company Numerate Lundbeck will construct new drug candidates by using artificial intelligence.

Striving for innovation and new ways of finding treatments for patients Lundbeck now initiates a program by partnering with US biotech company Numerate aiming at finding new drug candidates.

Numerate’s advanced computer technology leverages millions of data that link chemical structures with their chemical attributes, effects, toxicity, and ways of working in the body.

“Today we know of several potential targets relevant for brain diseases that we cannot develop drugs for, because we are unable to find molecules that can access and work with the targets. Hopefully, artificial intelligence will change that, so we can pursue a number of potential new treatments,” says Klaus Bæk Simonsen, Vice President, Molecular Discovery and Innovation.

Numerate is an American biotech company specialized in artificial intelligence and its technological possibility to find new molecules.

“Based on the tremendous amount of data this artificial intelligence software will be able to evaluate the potential of molecules that can bind to specific targets in the brain. Our hope is to increase the speed with which we develop treatments to the patients,” Klaus Bæk Simonsen finishes.

The hope of the partnership is to have a first list of new molecules in the beginning of 2020.

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